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CCH Document Management 2022.1: Release Notes

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Installing CCH Document Management 2022.1

This release is installed using the Central Suite Installer. This ensures that all prerequisites are in place and that all the products for which you are licenced are installed in the correct sequence. Click here to learn about the Central Suite Installer.

Software Enhancements

Ability to switch off email filing for internal email addresses

In conjunction with the CCH Email Filing plug-in performance improvement provided within 2021.3 Service Pack, an additional enhancement has been added within this release for Practices experiencing a performance hit around Email Filing of internal staff emails.  This manifested as MS Outlook performing slowly or in cases 'freezing' when selecting internally (exchange) emails;  whereas, the selection of external emails performed as expected.  This was a result of the plug-in needing to retrieve the senders' email address from the exchange.

By default, the key  <add key="DisableExchangeEmailAddressRetrieval" value="false"/> is set to false, which means that there is no change to existing behaviour with regards to filing staff emails.  


For Practices who would like to disable the retrieval of the internal emails from the Exchange, the value within the key is required to the changed to equal true.  The IEF.Addin.dll.config file is found within the CCH Prosystem > CCH Email Filing folder.

Once the value has been set to true, save the .config file per device and close and re-open all instances of MS Outlook on the related devices for the changes to take effect.

Note: The expected behaviour while this config is enabled is that on the selection of an email sent within the Exchange, the CCH Email Filing Panel will not display the sender's email address as the Matched Email address value; instead, it will state 'not available'.  Please advise staff of this in advance to avoid any confusion. In order to file an internal email, user's can either drag and drop the email on the File email details region, or open the email and click File in CCH, where it will not preselect the Employee Library nor will it select a contact, these will need to be selected manually.


Quality Improvements

ITS 57647 - Document Management WCF service gets stuck processing some excel, word, and pdf thumbnail images

Previously, the WCF service got stuck when processing some excel, word, and pdf thumbnail images and caused a CPU spike.

ITS 63981 - Client document centre - upload error

Previously, when using the Client document centre upload button to upload any .msg files from the desktop/folder locations an error was being shown and the document was not being uploaded.  "Upload Error.......An error occurred during Document Upload..... Please contact your CCH Administrator for more details"

Email filing: Error message shown when an email is sent without a subject

When a user clicked the "Send and File" option with no subject an error message was shown "Do you want to send this message without a subject", a System. Runtime.InteropServices.ComException...

ITS 63995 - Performance issue with uploading documents and filing emails

Previously, some Practices have encountered performance issues when trying to either upload documents within Document Centre or filing emails into Document Management.

ITS 53288 - Properties panel - File Name not being saved

When a user tried to add a file name greater than 55 characters the name was not being saved.  This has been increased to a maximum of 100 characters which includes the extension.

ITS 56495 - Corrupt OpenXML document with Create option

Previously,  when users tried to create a document within the client document using either a .xlsm or .xlsx excel template, they would receive a "Corrupt OpenXML" message.

ITS 63912 - Licence conflict with employee disable timesheet option

Previously, the licence count was being affected if the employee had ANY Document Management task permissions AND had the Disabled Timesheet option selected.

The following rules now apply:

  • Employees are EXCLUDED from the Document Management licence count if the Disable Login option is checked on those employee records
  • The System Employee records are EXCLUDED from the Document Management licence count, these cannot be used to login to CCH Central or the CCH Email Filing Plugin.
  • Employees that have a Security Group that is ticked as Superuser (via File > Maintenance > Security > Security Group Maintenance) are included in the Document Management licence count.
  • Employees that have any Security Group that has at least 1 Document Management Task Permission ticked are included in the Document Management licence count.
  • Each Employee is only counted once towards the Document Management licence count where they meet the above criteria, therefore an employee with either a Superuser Security group and any Document Management related security group, or multiple Document Management related security groups are only counted once.
ITS 66044 - CCH OCR Server fails to Start (Included within 2021.3 Service Pack)

Since upgrading from 2021.3, the CCH OCR Server fails to start with the following error being published within the windows event viewer log.  "Application: CCH.AutoFill.Service.exe Framework Version: 4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception....."

ITS 66039 - Critical error after doc upload & search document (Included within 2021.3 Service Pack)

Since upgrading from 2021.3, after a user has uploaded a document within a client's document centre, when they select any value from the Search panel > Assignment values drop down a Critical Error is displayed.


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