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KPI Feature

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KPI, Compare KPI’s and KPI reports.

KPI Feature

In the left-hand menu, is the heading KPI’s with three sub-headings: KPI, Compare KPI’s and KPI reports.

Under KPI, the current value of the selected KPI and the KPI's development over time is shown. At the bottom of the page, there is a table showing the components that affect the individual KPI’s. You can also see a formula for how the KPI is calculated. Through the right menu, you can change KPI’s and the number of periods to be displayed in the graph and filter at the dimension level. Where non-financial data is used for KPIs (employee numbers, bank overdraft limit, etc), this is maintained by clicking the blue Select KPI button and scrolling to the bottom of the list where you will find ‘Supplementary’ data.


Compare key ratios lets you look at multiple key ratios at the same time, which key metrics that users should meet by setting you as a consultant under Company settings at the bottom of the left menu. As a consultant, you can also set more that the customer can choose to look at under the heading "Preselected".

Under the graph, you can choose to show/hide certain key figures by clicking on the boxes. Under the heading "Key figures in numbers", the key figures are shown in specific numbers. The table is sorted by the best and worst period of the various key figures.


Here you can see the key figures in the report layout. Each key figure is displayed with the current value set in relation to min and max in the loaded periods. In the right menu, there are settings to change what you are following. 



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