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Example 2 - Management A/C's with percentages at nominal code level

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1. Click on Create new template

2. Click on Add column and select period


3. Click on Add column and select percentage  

4. Click on Add column and select period again (as shown in the screenshot below)


5. Select the third-period column -  February 2021 and  select Year under PERIOD TYPE (this will display the YTD figure)


6. Click on OK

7. Click on Add row and select Account interval group


8. Type in a title and select the relevant nominal code or a range of codes


Please note: to add multiple nominals this can be done by using a comma after each nominal.  For a range use a dash, as shown in the above screenshot

9. Click on Save 


10. To update the Percentage column, click onto Percentage and on the right menu under PERCENTAGE SETTINGS for the row select Sales and Column select February 2021

11. Click on Save template 

12. Type in a title 


13. To continue editing the report, select Classic Reports, Custom Reports from the left menu

14. Select the relevant report 

15 Click on  Edit report in the right menu

Continue with the steps above to include Cost of Sales

To add the Gross Profit this is done by creating a formula

16. Add row and select Separator


17. Add row and select Formula

18. Type in Gross Profit/Loss

19. Click on Save


20. Click onto Gross Profit/Loss within the report editor 

21. On the right menu, under FORMULA SETTINGS, click on Edit formula

22. Click on Sales within the report editor, click on + and then click on Purchases + click on Direct Expenses


23. Click Apply

Continue with the process above to include Overheads and the Net Profit/Loss





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