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Customising a Report

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This example demonstrates customising the Profit and Loss


From the left-hand menu, select Classic Reports and then Profit and Loss.

Here is a completed profit and loss that is based on the data that is active in the business. Through the settings in the right menu, users can change a number of report options:

Edit report – allows Practice employees to edit reports

Filter project - Add dimension(s) e.g. cost Centre to filter the report on


Display settings - decimals, Account Level, Summaries, Credit Positive, Negative


Show accounts – displays the nominal code on the report


Export > Save as – the ability to export the report to Excel, CSV or PDF

Practice employees can edit the reports. If the changes are saved, it becomes the default format for the report

Please note: editing an existing report gives the option to Save template as. To save the report as a new name click on Show more otherwise the standard report will be overwritten.






If the standard report is overwritten, select edit and select the option Restore default template by clicking Show more and this will revert to the standard finsit version of the report.




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