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Transactions - Final or Provisional

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Transactions can be posted ‘Final’ or ‘Provisional’ in the system depending on your user rights. The Provisional Transactions function allows you to review all daybook transactions posted provisionally.

When provisional transactions have been reviewed in you bookkeeping system posting 'Final' is the authorisation stage. Full amendments can be made to Provisional transactions which have not been pulled on to a payment run of VAT Return.


clipboard_e4f0b18417008eafcb162e5ed8909ffa9.png  From the ‘Menu bar’ select ‘Financial professionals’, ‘Transactions’  then click ‘Provisional transactions’.

Click on the clipboard_ec03c51a3f7a3adacf1b56308dd0cc997.png to review the daybook transactions.


Click on the  clipboard_e9d672050f5df8d14fb7525bc8b69aa9b.png to view the transaction.


Click on the  clipboard_edc0f1686ea9f01da06b88238b0108396.png to view the transaction.




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