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Classic - Pay And Collect

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To start the payment run process select


Click the New Button and select your payment type if more than one is available.


The following options can be customised:

a.   Payment Date: 31/10/2015

b.   Period: 2015 Month: 10

Click Next to start the payment run process. See screen print below.



Click this clipboard_ee69a80cfd65d59c49b10a8c38a9a81a2.png  icon to edit and remove invoices from the payment run. 


Click this clipboard_efc3ec4dc3ed9c4c687482b6480f784c5.png icon to view the selected invoices generated for payment.


Click Authorise icon  clipboard_e151c73a27e62c013ac8a68d40c4249a9.png  to authorise/approve the Payment run.


Click OK.

The payment run can also be reversed by clicking on this iconclipboard_eccba6b9906baec8bafdb9586a71c9f78.png


Click this icon  clipboard_e886e829291c65d0a83911679574ac97d.png to create the payment file which will be stored in the file manager.

clipboard_e8d34d95ff3273f51eb2867f2d319de8b.pngClick to Finish the payment run.

We recommend this action is completed after the bank statements have been processed.

To view all completed payment runs click on the tick box on the right hand side clipboard_e19959264b814632147a2a7aa5f54611c.png


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