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Introduction to the Banking module

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Processing bank statement data imported to Twinfield via a bank feed or a CSV export of transactions from online banking can be dealt with via the Classic (orange) Bank Statement button or via the new Banking module.

This module is being launched to UK and IE customers over a phased period starting in August 2022.  If you would like this module enabling, please speak to support.

Current limitations of the banking module
The following is currently not possible via Assign bank lines options.  The coding can still be completed using the Classic (orange) bank statement process

Lines of the bank statement which are the clearing of supplier cheques or customer paying in slips via Assign bank lines
Lines of the bank statement which are required to be sub analylised to cost centres and projects

The Banking module options


  • Drag and drop bank statements - This option is not used for UK customers
  • Bank statements - A list of imported bank statements
  • Assign bank lines - All bank lines which have not been posted
  • Bank accounts - Configure bank accounts
  • Bank feeds - configure and manage bank feeds for UK bank accounts
  • Allocation rules - view, edit and delete bank account rules used to match imported bank statements
  • History - view bank statement import and posting logs


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