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CCH Software User Documentation

Editing or Creating Users

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Users are linked to Roles which define the functionality to which users have access. The roles have different pre-defined levels, where level 1 is the highest level and Sales is the lowest level. 

Within an Organisation there is one Super User. This user has access to everything and can setup, maintain and unlock all levels of users.

Each user can have access to different companies within your environment and may also have a default company assigned upon logging, the superuser  will grant authority for the user to have access to all companies or a selection of companies.

Click the settings icon clipboard_e174448f02509513eeed806545ec73e96.png

Select ‘Access settings.

Select the tile ‘Users’.

You will see a list of existing users

Edit an existing user - click on their name in the list, you can search for an existing user by entering their username in the code box
Create a new user - Enter a new username into the code box and click next

User codes can only contain letters and numbers and not include spaces.


Name & Short Name - Enter the users name

Password - This must be alphanumeric containing at least 2 numbers i.e. Welcome99 and be a minimum of 8 characters

Email - Enter the users email address.

Select the role - Select the required user level to give this user access to the required areas of Twinfield

User type - This option is not available to SME environment. 

  • Accountant - A member of your firms team
  • Client of accountant - A member of your clients team who will be accessing Twinfield for book keeping data entry and reporting

Demo, test or training - This option may only be used for temporary training users

Companies Tab


Access to all companies - This user will have access to all existing and future companies created on your Twinfield environment

Selection - This allows you to define which companies this user has access to.  Any future companies created in your Twinfield company will not automatically be available to this user.

Select the companies from the right hand panel and client the button with a single arrow pointing to the left to move into the Access to companies panel

Default Company  - The company selected here will automatically open when this user logins in rather than displaying the company selection list.

User rights template companies - Set this users access to template companies

  • No use of templates - Templates are hidden
  • Use only for company creation - Template companies can not be seen in the company selection list but are available when using the create new company options
  • Use and manage - Template companies can be see in the company selection list and can be edited in addition to being available when using the create new company options


Account Status Tab


 Single Sign-on - This feature is required for some 3rd party API integration including CCH Accounts Production and should be set to ‘Activated’, this option is only visible on request

Inactivate a user - If a users account is locked, these fields will show when the account is locked from and until when.  To unlock a user immediately, the super user can remove the values from these fields and save the user record.




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