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System settings

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System Settings, Taxonomies and Miscellaneous Settings

System Settings, Taxonomies and Miscellaneous Settings

1. Right-click on CCH Central Icon on the desktop and click 'Open File Location'

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2. Find the file ‘ReviewAndTagSettings.exe’ which is within the CCH Deploy folder and double-click on it to open

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3. The following window appears.

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System Settings

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  • Auto-save directory – choose a network location that is backed up, when the Review iXBRL icon is launched from Accounts Production for the first and the dialog to save the file appear, it will show the location setup here, but the user can choose to save file in any other location.
  • Log file – this path is set on the installation and is used by CCH support to trace issues
  • Ribbon bar – tick the box if not ticked as this should be the default layout

Taxonomies Settings

Settings 3.PNG

  • User Dictionary – should be set on installation, alternatively choose a network location that is backed up and is accessible by the users who will maintain the dictionaries.
  • CoHo/HMRC store location – should be set on installation
  • Allow user to change the default list settings – box ticked by default, alternatively leave the box blank if the end use will be not authorised to change list settings
  • Dictionary label enabled – box ticked by default

Miscellaneous Settings

Settings 4.PNG

Useful Information! The boxes above will not be ticked by default, in case the user wants to apply the features above, then tick the boxes.


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