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The Tag Process overview with CCH Accounts Production

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  1. Complete the accounts within CCH Accounts Production
  2. Launch CCH iXBRL Review & Tag from within CCH Accounts Production, Financial Statements screen
  3. Check and clear errors. If necessary go back to CCH Accounts Production to correct/complete the Accounts and relaunch CCH iXBRL R&T
  4. Apply any missing tags, e.g. for any spare note used, and complete the tagging for the detailed profit and loss account (DPL). The DPL may be tagged within CCH Corporation Tax but must only be tagged in one application (either CCH Accounts Production or CCH Corporation Tax, not both)
  5. If it is part of your process, submit a test submission to HMRC (we recommend this as it will highlight any errors in the tagged accounts before the CT return is submitted)
  6. Export the iXBRL submission file (if the corporation tax is not produced in CCH) or attach the file CT return (for CCH Corporation Tax users)
  7. If licensed for online submissions, submit the appropriate Accounts to Companies House, this may be a reduced filing copy for small companies

 CCH iXBRL Review & Tag requires a separate licence from CCH Accounts Production.

The licence to submit Accounts to Companies House is separate from CCH iXBRL Review & Tag, please contact your Accounts Manager to clarify this if you have any question.


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