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This guide is an introduction to CCH iXBRL Review & Tag to explain the process for each type of licence.


iXBRL stands for Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Langauge.

The XBRL involves the application of computer-readable tags to business data. This enables the data to be processed automatically by software. And the iXBRL offers additional benefits as it presents the XBRL data in a human readable form, either on screen or in printed output.

Legislation, which came into force on 1st January 2010, means that it is compulsory for companies to send their Company Tax Returns online using iXBRL for accounts and computations. This requirement are effective for returns delivered on or after 1st April 2011, for any accounting periods ending after 31st March 2010.

Companies House also accept submission of Accounts online using iXBRL.

For a list of the Accounts type accepted by HMRC and Companies House, please see CCH iXBRL Review & Tag : FAQS

CCH iXBRL Review & Tag and CCH Accounts Production

For the CCH iXBRL R&T users who also use CCH Accounts Production users, CCH iXBRL R&T gives the ability to top up tags and review tags which were automatically tagged within the accounts formats, speeding up the tagging proccess.

CCH iXBRL R&T - conversion of Accounts prepared in Word and Excel

For the CCH iXBRL R&T user who prepare Accounts using Word and Excel, CCH iXBRL R&T gives the ability to convert the Accounts into an iXBRL format in order for those Accounts to be tagged and the iXBRL file to be generated for submission.



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