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Adding Folders

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  • New working papers folders specific to your practice can be added to the statutory database tree
  • You can either add a brand new folder, or a folder from a referenced section

    New folder

  • To create a new working papers folder, select add folder on the ribbon within File > Maintenance > Working Papers > Working Papers Designer


  • Select New and give the folder a name
  • Select the relevant statutory database section where you want the folder to be inserted and click Add


  • Once the folder has been added, the order within the parent folder can be changed by dragging and dropping the working papers folder
  • Note: The working papers folder can only be moved around within the parent folder it was added to
  • To show which papers are included in the working papers folders tick the Display Papers box
  • Sub folders can be added in exactly the same way. Simply choose the relevant parent folder within which to add the sub folder

    From referenced section

  • The same process can be followed to add a folder from a referenced section
  • The sections shown on this list will be dependent on the sections that have previously been setup by the practice within the maintenance menu


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