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This workflow covers the accounts preparation process for all types of client.


This workflow covers the accounts preparation process for all types of client. Use this workflow where your accounts process does not need to incorporate the tax return completion (these processes will typically be monitored using different workflows). 


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Where the client is not a limited company or LLP, it will skip the client approval and filing steps (the assumption is that this approval will be sought as part of the tax return). When this workflow finishes, it will automatically create a new job for the following year and attach another instance of this workflow.


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Alternative workflows

  • See also "_CCH Accounts_and_CT" workflow which incorporates the corporation tax return completion.

How to use this workflow

This workflow attaches to a "job", which in turn attaches to an "assignment". If you are already using assignments and jobs, and the prerequisites below are fulfilled, you need to right-click on the relevant job and select "start workflow". Select the workflow "_CCH Accounts".


The relevant "assignment template" must show this workflow as available and as default.


The "assignment template" must show the correct frequency and algorithm.


All instances of this assignment must also show the correct frequency and algorithm (this can be achieved using "bulk update" if required). The relevant job needs to have "Target date" completed with the accounts filing deadline (NB this only has to be completed for the first period).

Possible Enhancements

Responsibility for all tasks are currently allocated to the client partner. If you wish to use the "Tasks" homepage control, the workflow steps could be changed to reflect the responsibility types reflected in the assignment or client level responsibilities.

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