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Attaching Assignment Jobs workflows

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Recurring Assignment Jobs workflows are typically set up to roll a job forward and start automatically. However the very first instance has to be started manually.

Starting an Assignment Jobs workflow

  1. Within a client, select the Assignments tab
  2. Right click on the relevant job and select "Start Workflow"
  3. Select the workflow and click OK


The Assignment must have a Frequency and Algorithm set. This controls the options for a job name. For example if the Frequency = "Annual" and Algorithm = "YYYY", the job name must be a year in that format - eg "2021".


The job itself must have a Target date. This is required by the workflow to calculate due dates for the workflow steps.


The Assignment Template must have the workflow available and set as a default.

  1. Go to File > Maintenance > Assignment > Assignment Templates
  2. locate the relevant assignment template
  3. Click on the "Workflow" tab and move the appropriate workflow to the right hand side, and tick the "default" box.



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