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Bank Reconciliation

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CCH Trust Accounts has a bank reconciliation facility within the nominal ledger menu.

Once entries have been entered it is usual to reconcile them to the bank account. The idea is to check that all amounts on the bank statement have gone through nominal ledger bank account and vice versa. Entries usually appear on the nominal ledger a few days before they appear on the bank statements. So a bank reconciliation appears as follows:

  • Statement balance
  • Add: Uncleared receipts
  • Less: Unpresented payments
  • Equals: Nominal account balance

The Bank Reconciliation option allows this report to be produced automatically. The user enters the bank statement date and balance. A list of the entries on the nominal account is shown. The user reviews each entry on the bank statement. As each one is found on the nominal account, the user ticks it by pressing Return. The system shows a running balance of the ticked entries, the "reconciled balance". When the reconciled balance agrees with bank statement balance the account is reconciled. A bank reconciliation report can be produced at any stage.

  • Sometimes an incorrect nominal entry is found during the bank reconciliation. It can be edited as part of the bank reconciliation.
  • When an account has been reconciled the user selects New Period which clears off the ticked entries from the reconciliation and requests the next period’s statement date and balance.
  • Often an account at the bank is represented on the ledger by more than one nominal account. For instance there could be a capital bank account and an income bank account. The Bank Reconciliation allows extra nominal accounts to be brought into the reconciliation.
  • Sometimes a practice has a single pooled bank account. Transactions for all clients go through this bank account. The Global Bank Reconciliation allows a reconciliation of the pooled account against the entries for any client on a particular nominal account.



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