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Data Entry

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There are 5 types of Data Entry: Bank Payments, Bank Receipts, Journals, Investment Entries and Property Entries

If the Nominal ledger is switched on then there are five types of Data Entry:

  • Bank Payments
  • Bank Receipts
  • Journals
  • Investment Entries
  • Property Entries

The first three of these are referred to as ‘Nominal ledger entries’ as they have no effect on the Investment ledger. The last two are referred to as investment ledger entries’ as they update both the Nominal ledger and the Investment ledger.

Note: bonuses cause a movement in the holding of a security with no change in value and hence no change in the Nominal ledger. But in Trust Accounts these are still normal Investment ledger entries and update the Nominal ledger with a zero value posting.

You often need to enter a large number of entries manually and the system has features to speed up Data Entry:

  • Normally in Windows it is necessary to press the Tab key to move from field to field. The Return key is used to accept an entire screen. However pressing the Tab key can be awkward as it is on the left of the keyboard and some users prefer to keep their left hand free for tracking their position on their input sheet. For these reasons the Return key as well as the Tab key has been enabled to move you from field to field in Data Entry.
  • Often fields are repeated from one entry to the next. So after each entry Trust Accounts preserves many fields for the next entry. You need press only one key to delete an inappropriate field.


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