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Database Parameters

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Trust Accounts also needs to know where the Central database is located. This is set up in Activities > System Management > Database Parameters > Other > Link to CCH Central.

On this screen are entered the fields necessary for Trust Accounts to access the Central database.  The fields are:

  • Server name Central’s Server name, e.g. MYSERVER\CCH2008
  • Database name, e.g. Central
  • SQL Database User for Central. The program will provide the CCH default, but this can be overridden if the system administrator has changed it.
  • Password for the SQL Database User. Again the program will provide the CCH default.

After entering these details and pressing OK: 

  • The system asks “Do you have any other Trust Accounts databases linked to this Central database?” Only one Trust Accounts database can be linked to a Central database. So answer No.
  • The Central Address Type is requested. Central can maintain more than one address per client.  Addresses are identified by an Address Type, e.g. Home Address or Business Address. Select the one to be shown in Trust Accounts’ Edit Client screen. Most users select Main, but often the choice does not matter because most trusts do not have an address.
  • Exit Trust Accounts and re-enter for the link to become effective.





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