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Licensing in CCH Trust Accounts

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Details the licensing options in CCH Trust Accounts and how to add a new licence key (Telcode).

Once the software has been installed, licensing for Trust Accounts’ link to Accounts Formatting is shown on the Help > About > Licensing screen in Central. The option is called Central\Trust Accounts AP Link as highlighted below. Some users will also be licensed for CCH Accounts Production itself, but it is not required for the link. Users with the Trust Accounts AP Link are able to use CCH Accounts Production for producing the accounts, but data entry, investments, CGT etc. all remain in CCH Trust Accounts.


Licensing information within CCH Trust Accounts can be found in File > Info


The number of concurrent users can be seen alongside the Trust Accounts product name as shown below. The individual Product Options and whether they are licensed or not are shown by ticks in the grid.

The full list of Product Options is shown below:

Nominal ledger

Required for all clients requiring the use of the AP formatter

Investment ledger

Required for all clients wanting to keep track of an investment portfolio 


Required where separate local currency trial balances (and Bank accounts) are to be maintained as well as the reporting currency equivalent.


Required if property details are needed to be shown on the Investment schedule. Please note that Market Value information cannot be shown for properties on the schedule, but can be included in a note to the schedule.


Allows use of CGT Computations and What-if analysis within TA

Transaction import

Allows transactions, both nominal ledger and investment ledger and some standing data information to be imported from a csv file. A macro enabled spreadsheet is available to simplify the process.


Trust Accounts is installed on a SQL server

CCT wizard

This allows Complex Capital Transactions to be set up in the securities history. They may need to be set up manually as they are not part of the standard Exshare data feed, but Telekurs does include details of CCE as standard.

Bank Links

Enables Electronic Bank reconciliations and the use of Electronic Bank Payments.

Transaction reporter

Allows reports to be designed using data held within Trust accounts

Excel reports

Enables Trust Accounts data to be output direct to Excel or to Word via an Excel spreadsheet which is then formatted as a report or chart.

CCH VAP formatter

For legacy use only, this is the old Trust accounts formatter.

Trust formats

Required for all clients in Trust Accounts using the Trust AP format.

Probate formats

Required for all clients in Trust Accounts using the Probate AP format.

Charity formats

Required for all clients in Trust Accounts using the Charity AP format.

Ltd company formats

Required for all clients in Trust Accounts using the Limited Co AP format.

Pension formats

Required for all clients in Trust Accounts using the Pension AP format.

Exshare Data feed

Required if the ICE data feed is going to be used. 

Telekurs Data Feed

Required if the Telekurs data feed is going to be used.

US ISIN codes


Adding a new licence key (Telcode)

If your list of licensed products in Product Options is incorrect based on your order, or you have ordered additional product options then a new telcode (PIN number) will be issued by CCH.

This can be entered as follows:

1.    In Trust Accounts select File > Info.

2.    Press “.”, i.e. press the full stop character.

3.    The new Telcode is requested.  Enter this from the accompanying documentation.

4.    Click OK.  If it is invalid you are given an opportunity to re-enter it.  If the Telcode is accepted exit completely from Trust Accounts.

5.    Re-enter Trust Accounts, select File > Info and check that the licensed options look correct.


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