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What fields are updated on an existing security when the Exshare data feed is run?

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The fields on an existing security that are overwritten by the Interactive Data Exshare data feed are:

  • Defunct
  • ISIN code
  • REIT (on the Attributes tab)
  • Dividend Currency
  • Overseas Income

In addition, the situation for other security records is as follows.

Security Name and Name Changes
If the user edits the security name then the data feed will not change it back again. A name change is only recorded if the company actually changes its name. If that happens, any manual user change will be overwritten and the old name is stored under Name changes.

Manual changes to individual records are overwritten by the data feed. But the user can prevent this by unticking Update from Data Feed on the edited record.

User changes to Prices are overwritten by the Exshare feed, but this is usually not a problem because each Exshare data feed run only contains the prices as at one date. So if a user changes an existing price it will not be overwritten unless the user goes back and reruns an earlier Exshare data feed file.


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