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Viewing styles

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An example is shown below. To reproduce it, proceed as follows.

  • Open the accounts page.
  • Select cell B5. The style of the cell, Body Text A, is displayed as circled on the toolbar.
  • You may want to see what number format is defined by style Body Text A. (Although Body Text A is mostly used for text, it can contain nominal balances in formulae enclosed in curly brackets. These balances are formatted according to Body Text A’s number format).
  • The Styles button appears vertically on the right of the screen. 
  • Click it to display the Styles task bar. 
  • Many styles are shown. To narrow the choice to those in use on the page, select Styles in use as circled below.
  • To see the number format of a particular style, use the mouse to hover over the relevant style.
  • In this case, the format is “#,##0.00 ;(#,##0.00);-“. The first part is the format for positive numbers (two decimal places and a thousands separator); the second part is the format for negative numbers and the last part is the format for a zero (a dash). The tooltip includes some Examples underneath.





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