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CCH Software User Documentation

Edit a Template

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Note: CCH Smart Reports allow you to edit any saved templates, however we recommend that you retain the default templates supplied with the software.

If you are using the default templates to design customised templates it is recommended that you save them as new templates rather than overwrite the existing ones. Editing an existing template is the easiest and quickest way to have you own templates with your logo, colours, etc.


Edit a Template

  1. On the main toolbar click the Reports button, Smart reports - Smart Reports toolbar.PNG .
  2. Go to the Templates category and click Smart reports - arrow to expand.PNG to expand it.
  3. The Templates subcategory lists all the templates in your system.
  4. Click the template in the list that you want to edit, then click the Edit button. The Report Designer opens. When you have made your edits, close the Report Designer page. A message displays where you can click Yes to save your changes. The Save Template window appears.
  5. Select the radio button to Save as new template in order to keep any default template in the system.
  6. Enter a title.
  7. Click OK. The template is listed in the Reports page. The next time that you create a new smart report in any category, the new template will be listed on the Template drop down list.


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