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Updating the Report Header

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Update the Report Header

Ensure you are in the Report Designer view.

  1. Use the horizontal scroll bar to locate what you want to update.

  2. Click the logo and press [Delete] to remove it.

  3. Click the Picture tool in the Toolbox to select it.

  4. Move your cursor anywhere into the work area of the report header, and use click and drag to create a picture box.

  5. Expand the Properties area so that you can see all the properties of the picture box you just inserted which is under the section Appearance.

  6. In the Properties area, click in the field called Image and click the Ellipsis button to browse for a picture.

  7. Locate an image file (for example bmp, gif, jpg) on your system, select it and click Open.
    The image now displays in the ReportHeader area.

Smart reports - Smart Reports - how to add a logo.PNG

Tip! the size of the picture box dictates the size of the image; you cannot resize an image within CCH Reporter. It follows that you will need to edit and resize an image outside of CCH Reporter if adjustments are required.

Note: when aligning items, the last selected item dictates the location of the aligned items. There are a number of alignment tools; whilst their use is optional, careful alignment produces a more professional looking report.


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