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Defining the Content of a Report Layout

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A layout is composed of three structural areas. The headers, which store titles, column headings and so on. The detail area, which is the body of the report where all the data appears. The detail area of the layout is where all the data retrieved into a report is displayed. If you add fields to a report in the Change Report window, the layout is updated with. You can adjust the properties if you want in the Report Designer window.

The footers, which are used to display sub totals and totals, and can be placed after each data group, after each page, and at the end of the report. It is also useful to recognise that headers and footers operate in pairs. A group header is logically matched with a group footer for example, and when you insert an additional header it inserts a matching footer. The headers, footers and detail areas can hold various item types including text, data fields and/or graphics.


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