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Editing the Properties of an Item

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Editing the Properties of an Item

  1. Open the Report Designer page for the report you are editing.

  2. Click the item within the main report design area you want to edit so it is selected.

  3. On the Properties area, expand all the property categories to view all the properties.

    Report Properties area

  4. Locate the property you want to edit, and click in the adjacent field.

Do one of the following:

  • If a list is available, select a value from the list.
  • If an Ellipsis button bttn_ellipsis.gif is available, click it to access the associated data.
  • If you want to replace the value, delete it, and type the new value in the field.

Note: The available properties depends on the type of item you selected to edit. easy to overlook. It's not as strong as a Warning. Consider introducing the note or tip with a bolded summary.


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