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The Report Toolbox

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Using the Report Toolbox

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To use the design tools, click the selected tool in the toolbox and drag in the report designer area to add the item to the report. The cursor changes when you are at a location where the item can be placed. 

Tool name


Label Allows you to attach a label to a text box. This may be used, for example, to name a column within a report using something other than the field name.
TextBox Allows you to insert a text box.
CheckBox Allows you to insert a check box.
RichTextBox Allows you to add enhanced formatting, for example, you can bold just one word within a full sentence in a rich text box.
Shape Allows you to insert a geometric shape in a report.
Picture Allows you to insert a graphic, for example a company logo.
Line Allows you to insert a line in a report. Note that lines associated with subtotals and totals are generally added using the Format Border menu option (see below).
PageBreak Use to include a page break within the report.
Barcode Use to include a barcode graphic within the report.
Subreport Use to include a sub report within the report.
OleObject Use to insert an object from another application.
ChartControl Use to insert a chart.
ReportInfo Use to summarise the information, for example when using grouping.
CrossSectionLine Use to insert a vertical line across the report.
CrossSectionBox Use to  insert a box across the report.



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