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The Report Fields Window

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When you run a report, the Report Fields window prompts you to specify the filters.


There are various options for entering a value for a filter, depending on the type of data required.

  1. If a drop down list Central - button drop down.PNG or the Ellipsis button, Buttom Ellipisis.PNG is displayed, you select a value from the choices offered, otherwise you simply type in a valid value.
  2. When all filter selections are complete, click Buttom OK.PNG to run the report and the preview window opens.
  3.  3. Or Export the report to Excel, click on Central - button Excel.PNG.
    Smart reports - Smart Reports - creating a new report - prompt.PNG

Note: If a drop down list or the Ellipsis button is available you should make your selection from the available options to ensure you make a valid selection.

Note: You can bypass any or all of the filters; simply click on OK to display all the data without any filters applied.


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