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CCH Software User Documentation

Adding Documents

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  1. Choose the type of scan you want to perform from the Scan tab, in the ribbon within the Mode group, select whether you are scanning Multiple Documents (imports each scanned sheet or selected file as an individual document) or a Single Document (treats all sheets or selected file as part of one document).

  2. Using a scanner, place any papers in the scanner feed tray and click New in the Scan group.If you are importing files that have already been scanned click New in the Scan group. From the Open window locate and select any files that you want to import.

    Note: the first time you click New Scan the Scanner Settings window appears for you to specify the default settings for the scanner. See Scanner Settings for further details on setting up the scanner. 

  3. Thumbnails of the scanned or  imported documents will appear in the left pane.

Tip!  you can also click Scanner Settings on the Task Bar to access the Scanner Settings window.




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