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CCH Software User Documentation

Scanner Settings

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To modify scanner settings:

  1. Click the Scan tab and select Scanner Settings in the Options group.

  1. Customise the scanner using the options on the Scanner Settings window.

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Scanner Settings Window Options

The Scanner Settings window contains the following options:

Option How to Use

Select the scanner you will be using or From File to import a tif or PDF.

Note: when you select the From File option it disables all scanner related options.


Select the type of scan e.g. Black & White (recommended for CCH Autofill).


Select the scan quality by specifying the dots-per-inch e.g. 300

Page Size

Select the page size that you are scanning e.g. A4 or A5.

Scan Mode

Select Flatbed or Batch Scan.

Note: For flatbed scanners Scan Mode only displays the option Flatbed. The available settings depend on the type of scanner installed and may not match the options described

Show driver UI dialog when scanning

Select this check box to display the connected scanner's user interface during scanning, so that you can select specific options that relate to the scanner.

Set Default

Sets the scanner to the recommended options for scanning a document. Mode is set to Black and White and the DPI is set to 300.


Allows you to increase or decrease the brightness and contrast of the scan. These can be automatically calibrated.


Click Less to return to the default view.




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