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Setting up a new Master Paragraph

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Master paragraphs are used in billing to add explanatory text to task codes. They can be set up as options that users can select from a list, or they can be inserted as free-form text about an item on the bill. Like bill templates, master paragraphs are configured by the Systems Administrator and are a way of customising invoices to different client and practice scenarios. Most practices develop their own library of master paragraphs best suited to their billing requirements. Only users with Administrator permissions may add master paragraphs to the system.

Set up a new Master Paragraph

  1. Select File > Maintenance > Documents > Master Paragraphs.

  2. In the Master Paragraphs window, in the blank row at the top of the table, enter the name of the paragraph in the Paragraph Name field.

  3. In the Paragraph Text field, enter the text that will be displayed for the Paragraph Name.

  4. To edit a Paragraph Name or Paragraph Text, click the field and edit the text directly.

  5. When you have finished making changes, click OK to save the information and close the Master Paragraphs window.


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