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CCH Software User Documentation

Creating a standing order from a purchase invoice

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Open the Purchase Invoice for the Supplier

  1. On the main menu, click Bookkeeping > Purchase Invoices.
  2. In the Purchase Invoice window, select the Company from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the Ellipsis button clipboard_ea8cef0f4640c0b7fbf57190dab68c0d2.png in the Supplier Code.
  4. The Find Suppliers window appears.
  5. In the Find Supplier window, in the Search for field, type in the name (or part of the name) of the supplier you want to search for.
  6. Select the Hide form when only one item found check box if required. If you select the Hide form when only one item found check box, and there is only one record that matches your search criteria, the application directly displays the relevant page for that record instead of the search results page, where you would have to click the listed record to open it.
  7. Select the Search any part of name/code check box if required. If you select the Search any part of name/code check box then the search results that are returned will contain the search criteria you have entered in any part of the record name. When this check box is unchecked, only records with the search criteria at the beginning of the name will be returned. For example:
    - you enter 'mit' in the Search for field when searching for an employee. The Search any part of name/code check box is clear. The results will only contain employees that have 'mit' at the beginning of their first or last name, such as 'Mitchell' or 'Mitch'.
    - you enter 'mit' in the Search for field when searching for an employee. The Search any part of name/code check box is selected. The results will shown any employee whose name contains 'mit' somewhere within it, such as 'Smith', 'Mitchell' or 'Amit'.
  8. Click 'Search' or press the [Enter] key. The results that match your search criteria are listed in the window.
  9. Select the record you want and click OK. The Find Supplier window closes and the selected supplier is displayed in the Supplier field of the Purchase Invoice window.

Enter and submit the Invoice

  1. Purchase Invoice window for the selected Supplier, enter the Date.
  2. Enter the invoice Number. This step is mandatory and the number must be unique.
  3. Enter a brief Description for the invoice.
  4. Select the Standing Order check box.
  5. Enter the Amount.
  6. Click in the top row of the grid. The information entered so far is automatically displayed.
  7. Click the Nominal cell and select the Nominal Account from the drop down list. If a default nominal account has been set up, it will be displayed in this cell.
  8. Click the Submit button  Submit button to submit the invoice. A message is displayed confirming that the invoice was submitted successfully.
  9. Click OK to close the message window. The Add Standing Order Template window appears.

Set up the Standing Order

  1. In the Add Standing Order Template window, enter the Next Date (DD/MM/YYYY) for the standing order to be generated.
  2. Select the Frequency from the drop down list.
  3. In the Entries field, enter the number of weeks that the standing order needs to be generated.

    Note: if you need to generate 52 weekly standing orders, you need to enter 51 in the Entries field as the first standing order will have already been generated.

  4. Select the Auto Post check box to automatically post supplier invoices, and then click Yes when prompted to confirm the selection.
  5. Click OK in the Add Standing Order Template window and then click OK on the message confirming that the template was created successfully.
  6. Click Close to close the Purchase Ledger Invoice window.
  7. To view the standing order you just created, click Bills > Standing Orders in the Back Office application and then click the Supplier Bills tab.
  8. The Standing Orders and Draft Bills window is displayed with the relevant standing order invoice listed.
  9. Close the Standing Orders and Draft Bills window.