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Creating a bank deposit slip

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Create a bank deposit slip

  1. From the main menu, select Bookkeeping > Bank Deposit Slip.

  2. In the Create Bank Deposit List window, enter the Deposit Number.

  3. Enter the Deposit Date, i.e. the date the receipts will be deposited.

  4. In the Date From field, enter the earliest date for which there are unbanked receipts.

  5. In the Date To field, enter the most recent date until which there are unbanked receipts.

  6. You can filter the list of receipts returned by selecting from the following drop-down lists:

  • Company
  • Bank
  • Account (enter the account in this field)
  1. Click Next.
    The Create Deposit List window, with a grid display of receipts matching your selected criteria, appears.

  2. Select the receipts and click  to create the bank deposit slip.
    Microsoft™ Excel opens with the bank deposit slip loaded.

  3. Check that the receipts are correct, and print the deposit slip to your default printer.


If you need to create a second deposit slip on the same day, take care to only select the new receipts to merge to MS Excel.
  1. Click Close to exit the Create Bank Deposit List window.

Selecting Bookkeeping > Bank Deposit Slip from the main menu allows you to create an automatic deposit record for the bank when receipts are deposited. You can create a deposit slip for cheque receipts or for electronic payments. A Microsoft™ Word template is used to merge the receipt details provided by the system into a pre-configured bank deposit record.



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