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Adding a Job to an existing Assignment

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How to Add a Job to an existing Assignment

Adding a job to an existing assignment

Occasionally you will need to add a job to an assignment template that has previously been added to a client. This can either be done through a bulk update in the global Assignments search screen (accessed from the Toolbar) or from the Assignments tab within a client record.

Note: Adding a job to an assignment is dependent on the job mode that has been selected within File > Maintenance > Assignment > Job Mode. Please see your system administrator for further information on this.

Adding a job within a client record

To add a job to assignment from within a client record:

  1. Select the client and navigate to the Assignments tab
  2. Choose the relevant assignment and right click the assignment name
  3. Choose "Add job"
  4. Complete the details as required
  5. Select finish

For further information on the job details window, please refer to this link.


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