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Setting up who authorises an employee's bills, timesheets, expenses and disbursements.

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Employee Authorisers

You need to specify who can authorise an employee's bills, timesheets expenses and disbursements. The authority is usually setup when you complete Step 8 of the Add New Employee Wizard. However, you can set up and modify employee authorities outside the wizard by using the Employee Details page: Authorisation tab.

  • Find the employee's record

  • On the Employees Details page, click the Authorisation tab.

  • In Authorisation Type, select Billing.

  • In View Type, select Authorised by.

  • The panel headings change.

  • In 'Is Authorised By', find the employee who will authorise the employee's bills.

  • Repeat the previous step for each employee as required.

  • Repeat the above steps for timesheets, expenses and disbursements as appropriate..

  • Click OK.

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