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Toolbox: Job Sheet - Multiple Updates

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On the Job Sheet home page control, you have the option to bulk update the following fields:

  • Assigned To
  • Client Partner
  • Client Manager
  • Assignment Partner
  • Assignment Manager

For instance, on the Job Sheet table, right click the Assigned To column heading.  A pop up menu with the following options is displayed:

  • Reassign All: Reassigns all the jobs/schedules to the employee you select.  Selecting this option will bring up the Find Employee window from where you can select the employee you want to assign the jobs/schedules to. After selecting the employee, click OK on the Find Employee window. The employee's name will appear for all the jobs/schedules.
  • Remove All: Clears the Assigned To fields for all the assignments.

Note: If you use the Reassign All or Remove All functions, the Assigned To field for all the records displayed on screen will be changed.  Therefore, use the filters to ensure that the Assigned To information displayed is indeed the information you want to change.


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