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Toolbox: Job Sheet

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Job Sheet

To add the Job Sheet homepage control to your homepage, on the homepage click the Customise Homepage option under Other tasks on the task bar. This will display the Toolbox.

Select Job Management.

When you drag the Job Sheet option from the Job Management Toolbox on to the home page you will see a table you can use to monitor, track, and filter jobs and schedule stages carried out in the practice.

The default columns for the Assignments and Schedules job mode are: Client/Assignment, Job/Schedule, Assigned To, Target Date, Days Left and the milestones created.

The default columns in the Assignments, Schedules and Jobs and Assignments, Schedules, Jobs and Job Time Recording job modes are: Client/Job Type, Job, Assigned To, Target Date, Days Left and Milestones.

Note: Jobs or schedules are displayed filtered by assignment types as the system allows the creation of different milestones for each assignment type via the Maintenance Assignment Milestones menu. The filter is located at the bottom right of the window.

If any of the milestones have comments attached to them, the milestone cell will display a red triangle  in the top right corner.


To view the comment, place your cursor over the milestone.  The comment will be displayed in a pop up.

Add New Job

The top (blank row) below the column headings prompts you to Click here to add a new job. Clicking this link opens the Add Assignment wizard.


You can add more than one Job Sheet homepage control to your homepages. Using the filter option on the homepage control will allow you to manipulate the display of information.


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