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Toolbox: Job Sheet - Default Due Date

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Job Sheet - Default Due Date

Milestones identify a discrete step in a project that highlight when a particular project goal has been reached. If milestones have been created for the assignment they are displayed on the last few columns in the right side the Job Sheet grid.

Note: You can overwrite the default due date with any date by clicking the Default Due Date and entering the updated information.

How to set default due dates
  1. Right click the Milestone column heading. From the pop up menu, select Default Due Dates.
  2. The <Milestone name> default due date window opens.
  3. Enter the default due date calculation.  You can set a default due date relative to another due date.  E.g. you can enter the date as Target Date - 6M (target date minus six months).  To do this you will need to:
  4. Select the date field that the calculation will be based on and then enter the field nam in words, e.g. Target Date.
  5. Enter the calculation required:
  6. + for addition
  7. – for subtraction
  8. / for division
  9. * for multiplication
  10. Enter the timescale required:
  11. d or days to use days
  12. w or weeks to use weeks
  13. m or months to use months

Note: changing the status of a milestone to In Progress, Risk or Problem does not change the due date supplied.  The due date only changes when the status is set to Complete, in which case the due date will be overwritten by the completion date.


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