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CCH Software User Documentation

Add a New Paragraph

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To Add a New Paragraph

Click on the New icon in the Paragraphs section of the Task Bar


The New Paragraph window is displayed:


The functionality of the fields on the New Paragraphs window is as follows:

Name Format Default Value Editable Mandatory
Area String NULL Yes No
Include Boolean FALSE Yes No
Can Delete Boolean FALSE Yes, if Include ticked i.e. set to TRUE No
Can Edit Boolean TRUE i.e. ticked Yes No
Section Alphabetic e.g. AAA NULL Yes Yes
Sub section Numeric e.g. nnn NULL Yes Yes
Start date Date e.g. 6 April 20nn NULL Yes No
End date Date e.g. 5 April 20nn NULL Yes No
Word processing area String NULL Yes Yes

Populate the fields and enter the text of the paragraph in the word processing area. 
Click on the OK button to save the changes. 
Click on the Cancel button to discard the changes.


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