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Letter paragraphs Window

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This section deals with setting up the standard paragraphs that will appear within the cover letter.  This includes: Setting flags to determine whether the paragraphs appear automatically in the letter, can be deleted or editable by the user. Embedding data within the paragraphs. Assigning business rules to the paragraphs. Setting a default order for the paragraphs.

Accessing the Letter Paragraphs Window

To access the Letter paragraphs window select the menu:

File > Maintenance > Tax settings > Personal tax Tax return bundle > Letter paragraphs


You can resize the grid or word processing control by moving your cursor between them until it changes from a pointer, clicking and holding to get a bold line to appear and then dragging that live vertically up or down.

The letter paragraphs are entered separately for each Return type.  Currently there are two:

  • SA100.
  • R40

Capital losses carried forward has been added to the data dictionary    

Transmittal Letter – Adding multiple appendices 

Page breaks can be created within the transmittal letter. A page break is added at System Management level to the letter paragraphs. Select File > Maintenance > Tax Settings > Personal Tax > Tax Return Bundle > Letter Paragraphs. Click New and add the text:

Click OK. From the Home tab click Page Break

 The page break symbol appears and the remaining text is added: 


When viewing the transmittal letter all text appearing after the {Page_Break} appears on a separate piece of paper. 








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