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Add Partnership Trading Income (1)

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Use the Trading Income tab to enter details relating to income and losses. This section only provides an overview and you should refer to the Partnership pages within the tax return guide for a detailed explanation.

Partnership Trading Income Tab Part 1 of 2

The first field that you need to complete is the basis period.

In Share of profit/ loss for tax purposes you should enter the amount shown on the Partnership Statement.

To arrive at the profit or loss for the basis period you will need enter the amount to add or subtract in Adjustment to arrive at profit or loss for the basis period.

Note: To enter a minus figure enclose the amount in round brackets, for example, (3,500).

Partnerships may qualify for overlap relief if their accounting date is a date other than 5th April. Complete these relevant fields:

  • Overlap profit brought forward
  • Overlap relief used this year
  • Overlap profit carried forward

Select Use averaging calculation if the business involves farming, market gardening, literary or artistic works.

Enter the amount that profit has changed by the averaging claim in Adjustments for averaging.


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