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Add Property Income

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Within the Property income tab add profit or loss for UK land and property.

Partnership Property Income Tab

To Add Income from UK Land and Property

  1. Enter the profit or loss in Allocated share of profit or loss.
  2. In Adjustment to profit or loss add the adjustment to arrive at the profit/ loss for the basis period.
  3. In Loss brought forward, enter any loss sustained in a previous year that you want to carry forward against later profits.
  4. Enter a figure in Loss offset against total income to set losses against total income for land used for agricultural purposes or capital allowances.
  5. Click Saved.

To Add Allowable Loss on Furnished Holiday Lettings

  1. Enter losses from furnished holiday lettings in Allocated share of loss.
  2. You set a loss against income received in an earlier year by entering the amount in Offset against other income.
  3. Enter a figure in Offset against earlier years to claim relief for losses of income for an earlier year.
  4. You can set a loss against other rental property owned by the partnership by entering the amount in Set against other property income.
  5. Click Saved.

Note: The value you enter in Set against other property income cannot exceed the figure in Taxable profit.


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