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Add Overseas Matters

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Use the Overseas matters tab to enter details relating to income received from abroad.

Add Overseas Matters

  1. In Duties abroad select the period worked overseas.

Note: You must select either Partly or Wholly in Duties abroad  to enter details relating to overseas matters.

  1. The following applies to Duties Abroad - Partly only:

a.      Enter the total days worked in Total workdays this period.

b.      Enter the number of days worked in UK in UK workdays. The number of days entered here, must not exceed the amount entered in Total workdays this period.

c.       Click the Dates abroad link to enter specific dates abroad.

  1. (Optional) Enter any deductions in Seafarers Earnings Deduction.

  2. Enter income from tips or related income in Tips etc.

  3. Enter details relating to tax paid abroad in Foreign tax.

  4. Complete Payments out of foreign emoluments and any other applicable fields.

  5. Click the Save button.


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