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Add Benefits and Expenses

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The Benefits and expenses tab splits employee benefits and expenses. At the top are benefits that relate to income received in the form of goods and services, while expenses, such as mileage allowance expenses appear at the bottom.

To Add a Benefit or Expense (Basic)

There are two methods for adding benefits or expenses. The following steps describe the simplest:

  1. Click in the box next to the description of the benefit or expense.
  2. Enter the amount
  3. Click the Save button

To Add a Benefit or Expense (Detailed)

  1. To add detailed information, click one of the following options that appears next to the benefit or expense:

  • Analysis
  • Calculator
  • Company Car calculator
  • Capital allowance calculator

Each of these options displays a new window for you to add the benefit or expense.

  1. Click the Save button

Note: You cannot select the check box Travel cost include travel between home and permanent workplace, unless you insert an expense in Travel and subsistence costs.


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