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Add Notes

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  1. Click below the notepad symbol clipboard_e1e6f267c03675442904f284271d6eab6.png at the end of the data entry line if the note relates to that particular source of income.  Alternatively click on the clipboard_e46c64b2ed3922b03f8c91650b8ce35d9.pnghyperlink at the bottom of the screen to include a note that is not attached to a particular source:

  2. Click Add and then select one of the following note types:

  • Add a disclosure note

  • Add a working note

  • Add reason for estimated figures 

  • The Edit note window appears.

  1. Click in the area entitled Click here to enter your note. Type your text then click Close to save.


 Disclosure notes and reason for estimated figures will both appear on the tax return.  Working notes will not appear on the tax return.



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