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How does the charging for Data Collection work?

In addition to the CCH OneClick Base Package and the MTD Submissions feature, additional optional features can be purchased on behalf of the practice or a specific client or clients. These features are charged separately on a per business / client basis.


Feature as a Service

Price per client per month

Data Collection



Data Collection Chargeable Event: Billing commences at the point the digital data request is sent to the client

Charging for Data Collection commences from the point that a Practice sends a digital data request to a client regardless of whether the client responds or not. From that point onwards, the price per client per month fee will be added to your CCH OneClick invoice.

Will the charge for Data Collection usage appear on my monthly CCH OneClick invoice?

Yes. From the point that charges commence on a per client per month basis, a charge will be included on your CCH OneClick invoice.

Do I need to set up any specific payment arrangements for Data Collection?

No, payment for usage of the Data Collection component will form part of your CCH OneClick invoice and as such no additional payment details are required.

I haven’t used Data Collection before, but I intend to from April this year, when will I be charged?

CCH OneClick usage is captured on the 28th of each month and invoiced the following month. Data Collection will be charged in the same way. So if a practice sends a Digital Information Request for the first time in April they can expect to see the appropriate charges reflected in the CCH OneClick invoice for April which they will receive in May.

I have been using Data collection for the last 2 years without charge, when will I be charged and on what basis?

Practices who have used Data Collection in previous years prior to this charging being implemented will start being charged from April 2021 for any clients to which they have previously sent Digital Data Requests. If they wish to avoid this charge and are not using it anymore for a particular client, they should remove Data Collection as a product for that client.



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