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Can I de-activate, suspend or equivalent in-between projects with clients?

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As an Advisor I want to use CCH OneClick to communicate with clients for time bound objects. However, the projects typically only last a few months and I can then go months or even years before I work with these clients again on further projects. What happens if they have CCH OneClick active whilst the project is being done and then they deactivate (or suspend) it until they do another project for the client?

1. Can I de-activate, suspend or equivalent in between projects?
2. Would existing data remain in Messages & Documents whilst deactivated or is this deleted?
3. Would I be charged for Messages & Documents whilst de-activated?

The system does not permit Advisors to activate and de-activate indefinitely. The system has a limit of 2 de-activations per client. After 2 de-activations, the client would be de-activated permanently. You will only be charged for activated clients. De-activated clients won't be charged for.


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