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Are multiple licences required?

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If a client has 10 Trustees, 1 Administrator and 5 Investment Managers, are 16 licences required? Do we need to activate CCH OneClick for 16 people?
Do we have the right to ring-fence documents/messages for the different party groups associated with the scheme?


If an example client you have is "Pension Scheme A" and it has 10 Trustees, 1 Administrator and 5 Investment Managers.

All of these people will need access to Pension Scheme A, without seeing messages or documents belonging to other people.

Assuming that you are only sending documents relating to the Pension Scheme, only 1 licence is required.

All 16 contacts have access to the portal and when documents are sent, you can select which of the 16 you are sending them to. The other contacts would not see the document.


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