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CCH Software User Documentation

Practice Activation and Client Setup

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This guide is designed to prepare you for the introduction of CCH OneClick to your practice, and describes the steps you need to undertake to get up and running. It assumes that you are familiar with the Microsoft Windows environment, and can perform basic tasks within CCH Central

There are 3 steps to the CCH OneClick setup


Practice Activation

  • Once you have requested that CCH OneClick be added to your licence, you will receive an email guiding you through the installation and activation process.
  • You will be directed to an activation page where you can activate your practice’s CCH OneClick workspace.

There are three steps that need to be completed to activate the OneClick workspace

Your practice information – validate the client code and set up the sub-domain;

Your admin profile – create an administrator profile to manage the CCH OneClick practice website; -

Payment method – choose the method of payment for the monthly billing.

CCH OneClick activation creates the secure OneClick workspace which your employees and clients will access. The domain name of the website will appear as follows: https://[yourpracticename]

We recommend practices use the same domain name as their main website for consistency. In keeping with domain name conventions, spaces and special characters are not permitted.

Please note: that the activation must be completed by your designated administrator for CCH OneClick

The email address used must NOT be the same as an email address used in CCH Central by an employee that you wish to activate for CCH OneClick.

If your CCH OneClick administrator will also be a user of CCH OneClick, then 2 different email addresses will be required.

Online Activation
  • The online activation wizard will guide you through the process of activating your practice’s CCH workspace
Client code & password
  • Enter your unique client code and six-letter client password, then select Validate credentials


Domain name
  • Based on the credentials you have just entered, a CCH OneClick domain name will be suggested for you
  • You can change this suggestion if required, subject to availability
  • Select Confirm when you are happy with the name


  • Read and accept the terms and conditions, then select Continue
Admin user account
  • An admin user profile must now be created to manage your practice’s CCH OneClick workspace


  • The email address used to setup the administrator account must NOT be the same as an email address used in CCH Central by an employee that you wish to active for CCH OneClick
  • If your OneClick administrator will also be a user of CCH OneClick, 2 different email addresses will be required
  • Tick to say that you have read and agreed to the 'terms & conditions' then continue
Enter payment details
  • Select if you want to pay by direct debit or credit card and enter the relevant details
  • If you require more than 1 signatory to setup a direct debit, please contact us directly on +44 (0)344 561 8181 (option 5 then option 1)
  • Select Ok, thanks


Activation complete
  • After your payment details have been entered, you will be asked to enter an activation code that you’ll receive by email from Bottomline Technologies PT-X Onboarding <>


  • After the code is entered, your CCH OneClick workspace will be activated!


  • Select Go to CCH OneClick and when prompted use the login details created for the admin account
Link your CCH Central database to CCH OneClick
  • To link your CCH Central database to CCH OneClick, select the Connect CCH Central data tile on your workspace


  • This will launch a download for an executable file that needs to be run against your CCH Central database


  • Select the CentralDatabaseInstaller.exe to start the wizard that will guide you through the connection process

1. Enter your CCH OneClick credentials used for the activation process above


2. Browse to your Central deploy folder and select 'Run' 



Customise the CCH OneClick workspace
  • Customisation of the workspace will be reflected on the workspace that your client sees and not on your own practice workspace
  • To customise the background and logo, return to CCH Central
  • File > Maintenance > OneClick > OneClick Customisation


  • Within the OneClick customisation screen you can:-
  • Enter your practice name
  • Enter a OneClick footer, which might be used either for the practice’s promotional strapline or a copyright message.
  • Banner Colour enables you to customise the colour on the banner header on the login page and client workspace. You have access to the usual colour palette by clicking the
  • If you want to use the custom colour palette, click Define Custom Colours and select your chosen colour, clicking Add to Custom Colours when you have the required colour. For lighter shades use the hue slider.
  • Add your practice’s logo – this can be done by selecting browse and locating the image from within your files. 


You then have a number of checkboxes that allow you to:-

  • Prompt to send a standard welcome message on activation. When this is selected you will be prompted to send an email for both employees and clients once their OneClick workspace has been created. If this is not ticked the email will be sent without further input from someone in the practice before sending.
  • Once the above option is selected, you now have the option to select/unselect the option to save the message as a draft. When this is selected, it will save welcome messages as a draft to allow for amending prior to sending. When unselected, emails will send automatically.
  • Draft messages can be found in the Messages & Documents section of the CCH OneClick homepage
  • Finally, the send reminder emails for documents pending approval option, when selected, will provide you with the option for how often a reminder should be sent and the maximum number of times to send a reminder email.
CCH OneClick tab within CCH Central
  • From within the CCH Central homepage, you will notice an icon on the ribbon bar for OneClick


  • Selecting this will load your CCH OneClick workspace in your default browser
Email Templates
  • You will now want to review/amend the email templates that will be sent to employees and clients. These can be viewed by selecting File > Maintenance > OneClick > Email templates
  • The three templates to review are:-
    • AAACreateOneClickClient
    • AAACreateOneClickEmployee
    • AAACreateOneClickUserAndAssociateToClient


  • To open a template, double click on your chosen template, this will open the ‘Edit OneClick Email Template’ screen


  • Amend the template as required
  • A logo can be added to the email by selecting Insert, then Picture on the ribbon
Set employee (Practice user) permissions
  • As with all of the CCH suite, there are user permissions to set for your practice CCH OneClick users to meet your internal requirements
  • User permissions can be found in Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions
  • Select OneClick from the Product drop down then, for each security group you have created within the practice, review and allow permissions as appropriate by ticking the relevant box. Select OK to save changes


Employee Activation

  • In CCH Central, select Employees from the taskbar
  • You will be presented with the following message:-


  • Select ‘OK, Got it!’ and tick the ‘Don’t show me again’ button if you’re happy with the content of this screen
  • Select ‘Search’ to bring up the list of employees
  • Select the employee(s) you wish to activate the choose Activate on the ribbon bar


Employee activation results
  • When the employee activation process is complete, the Employee Activation Results screen is launched, displaying the activation results.
  • The Status column displays the status of the employees (e.g. OneClick activated successfully) or the reason why the employees have not been activated (e.g. No email address).



  • If the activation was successful, the employee will receive an email asking them to click the link to complete the activation process


They will need to set up a password, then configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

clipboard_ec5693eb57ae1ca1df2542f73df70000f.png clipboard_e9faffdce7df00fc023990d24359a716c.png

Videos to explain the MFA process and set up can be found here

Once the setup of MFA is complete, the employee can log in and begin to use their CCH OneClick workspace


Resending activation email
  • In the event that the employees fail to activate their CCH OneClick account, you can resend the activation email.
  • In the Find Employees window, select the employees you wish to resend the activation email to then select Resend activation email from the ribbon bar

CCH OneClick Permissions Admin

CCH OneClick users can be assigned to a set of pre-defined roles. The roles allow you to control which area of the CCH OneClick suite your users have access to.

All users will, by default, be added to the basic roles for all products. This list is currently limited but will grow with future CCH OneClick releases.

You can manage the roles for your practice's CCH OneClick users through the OneClick Permissions Admin tile within the admin workspace.

Note: to access OneClick Permissions Admin, you must log in to your CCH OneClick Admin account. This should have been setup when you set up CCH OneClick. (If you didn't set up an admin account, please navigate to and follow the instructions to do so)


  • Within this area, you will see a list of pre-defined roles into which you can assign your CCH OneClick users


  • A role defines a set of permissions, so when a user is assigned to a role, they will be given the permissions defined within that role. The details of a role can be seen under the description field

Note: the permissions within these roles are pre-set and cannot be edited 



  • The current list of roles and description is shown below with a brief explanation of the user experience:-

Role Name



Data Collection: Basic user

Access to Data Collection functionality

User will see the Digital Data Request tile in CCH OneClick

Finsit: Basic User

Access to finsit

User will see the finsit tile in CCH OneClick and will be able to launch finsit from Open Integration

Making Tax Digital: Basic user

Access to Making Tax Digital functionality excluding VAT submissions

User will see the MTD tile in CCH OneClick, but will not see the Submit VAT button within MTD

Making Tax Digital: Advanced user

Access to Making Tax Digital functionality including VAT submissions

Same as the basic user, but the user will see the Submit VAT button within MTD

Messages & Documents: Basic user

Access to Messages & Documents functionality

User will see the Messages and Documents tile in CCH OneClick

Open Integration: Basic user

Access to Open Integration functionality

User will see the Open Integration tile in CCH OneClick

OneClick Payment: Administrator

Access to Payment details

User will see the Practice Payment information tile in CCH OneClick. This should be used for employees who are also Practice Administrators

  • If a user is removed from a basic role, they will no longer have the permissions set by that role. They will also lose the ability to view that specific tile within their CCH OneClick workspace. 
  • e.g. If a user is removed from the Messages & Documents: Basic user role, they won't have permissions to use Messages & Documents and they will no longer see the Messages & Documents tile.
  • To see which users belong to a particular role, either click the role name or select Edit


  • A list of all users currently assigned to that role will be shown


  • To add a user to the role, select the Add User button


  • Select the box next to the user/s you want to add to the role and click the Add selected users button


  • If there are no users available to add, then the following message will appear


  • To remove a user from a role, tick the box next to the user/s and select Remove users


  • Users will be subject to their new roles the next time they log in to CCH OneClick

Activate a Client for CCH OneClick

  • Once a client has been activated they will be able to access their own workspace within OneClick
  • If you would like to inform your clients about CCH OneClick prior to them receiving an activation email, please make use of the CCH OneClick flyer or activation pack
Client team
  • In order for an employee to activate a client, the client must have a CCH OneClick activated employee as either the client partner or part of the client team
Activate a client
  • Ensure you are logged in as a user who has the appropriate task permission to activate the client
  • Open the client record & select Activate OneClick on the ribbon bar


  • Select the features that you want to make available to that client


  • You will see the outcome of the activation in the Status column


  • The CCH OneClick icon next to the client’s name will show as green when they have activated their account


Videos illustrating the client activation process can be found here

Activate Organisational Clients and Associated contacts
  • The process of activating an organisational client is the same as that for an individual client. The only difference is for organisations, you will need not only need to activate the organisational client’s workspace, but also the users who will have access to it (e.g. the directors); the associated contacts.
  • Before activating the workspace for the organisation, please ensure that any anticipated users are listed as associated contacts and that they have a current valid email address
  • Activate the organisation by selecting the 'Activate OneClick' button on the ribbon on the Home tab within the client record


  • Select 'Yes' to proceed


  • Select the relevant features and click 'OK'


  • From the list of associated contacts, select who will get access to the organisation’s workspace and click 'OK'
  • At least one associated contact must be given access to the workspace when activating an organisation


  • Confirm your selection on the following screen:-


  • Select 'OK'


  • After access has been given to at least one contact, you can then add further features to their CCH OneClick workspace if required


Associated contacts
  • The contact/client will receive an email informing them they now have additional access
  • If the contact/client you gave access to is not already activated for CCH OneClick they will receive an activation email
  • For associated individuals, the same email address will be used to access messages & documents for all relationships
Give access to additional contacts
  • If you want to give additional contacts access at a later date, select the OneClick Status hyperlink on the Organisation’s associated tab


  • From here, select 'Enable access to OneClick'


  • Choose 'Yes' to enable access


  • Their current status will show on this screen:-


Suspend access to CCH OneClick
  • If you wish to suspend access to CCH OneClick for a particular client, this can also be done through the CCH OneClick features hyperlink within the client record



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