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Using Reports to filter contacts and clients

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Using Reports to filter contacts and clients

There will be scenarios where you need to use Reports in order filter the contacts or clients you want on screen.

One of the scenario where you will require to use Reports to filter the clients is when you want to send a payment on account reminder.

  1. Open Find Clients screen and under the New Search drop-down, click From Reports.

Mail Merge - filter reports 1.PNG

2. Click the blue button Search.

3. Select the type of report you want (Smart Reports, Reporting, Lists, Tax Explorer).

   Once the type of report is selected, a list of reports categories is shown, look for the report or use the search box.

Mail Merge - filter reports 2.PNG

4. Select the report and click OK.

5. If the report has any filter, a Report Fields window appears, choose the options for the filters as required, illustration below.

Mail Merge - filter reports 3.PNG

6. Click OK.

7. The result will appear on the Find Clients screen.

Mail Merge - filter reports 4.PNG


Performing a search from Reports gives the flexibility of creating different categories of searches due to the ability of expanding the search criteria using the filters available from the reporting tools (CCH Smart Reports and CCH Reporting). 


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