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CCH Software User Documentation

Before you start

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Before you dive into CCH GDPR Compliance, you will have to configure your account, so the solution you get will be unique to the needs of your organisation. Since each organisation processes different data on different individuals for unique purposes there is no one size fits all solution. When you see the four icons below, you will need to click on each one, complete the forms and answer the items for each.



  1. Click on Your Organisation enter your contact details, upload your logo and select the languages you would like available on your online privacy notices
  2. Click on Your Location enter your physical and postal addresses, VAT number and confirm your supervisory authority
  3. Click on Your Officers enter the person responsible for GDPR compliance. If you have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO), enter their details here. If you have not appointed one, leave it blank
  4. Click on Your Needs, select the size of your organisation (based on the number of full-time employees) and then toggle the items under ‘Features required’ that accurately describe your organisation.

Your CCH GDPR Compliance account has now been customised for you and you are ready to go and explore your trial. During your trial, you won’t be able to add more than two users and you won’t be able to download any documents.

When you’re ready to subscribe, click on Your Plan to see what’s appropriate for your business. Once you’ve completed these steps the start page will appear, and you can begin the trial.


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