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Year End (FAR)

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Year End: CCH Fixed Asset Register

No special process is required in the Fixed Asset Register (FAR) to perform a year end. You just perform a Year End in CCH Accounts Production in the usual way. The system does not let you proceed if either:

  • The nominal ledger does not reconcile with the Fixed Asset Register, or
  • An Asset Movement has been made in the Fixed Asset Register since last Posting Depreciation.

Although the system warns you at Year End if the nominal ledger does not reconcile or if depreciation needs to be posted, note that:

  • It does not warn you at other times, such as when printing a set of accounts.
  • CCH Accounts Production and the FAR both allow you to make entries in the earlier Accounting Period which stop the earlier period reconciling. To prevent this you can Finalise the CCH Accounts Production using the option on the Ribbon on the Home screen.  


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